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Our Services

Strategy Development

Our strength lies in analysing your communication needs and then designing an innovative strategy that uses a variety of channels and tools best suited to delivering your message to your desired target market.

Community Outreach

In order to change behaviour, you have to build trust, and the community outreach model that we have developed and used extensively ensures that we conduct meaningful engagements that inform and educate South Africans.

Marketing & Comms

Good communications means getting your project the exposure it needs. At Grounded Media we have a holistic view of your project and can therefore maximise the communication, marketing and PR possibilities.

Digital Media

As technology changes so does our means of communication. We have looked to the future, and South Africa’s future is the cellphone. Grounded Media has a dynamic information portal that can be tailored to your communication needs.


Grounded Media began in 1996 as Kagiso Educational Television. From the outset, we were committed to providing programming that would assist with South Africa’s broader developmental agenda.


Radio is a close friend to many – in fact research shows that more South Africans listen to the radio than consume any other media. So it follows that a radio campaign is one of the most effective ways to get your message out.

Event Management

A communications campaign often needs an event to either end off the project, to acknowledge the people involved or to give the community a fun day to engage with the messaging.

Creative Services

We work with a range of above-the-line agencies, digital specialists, freelancers and creative minds in a variety of fields to come up with innovative concepts and eye-catching design.