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Community Outreach & Activations

In order to change behaviour, you have to build trust

The community outreach model that we have developed and used extensively ensures that we conduct meaningful engagements that inform and educate South Africans, particularly in LSMs 1-7.

Our model involves extensive advocacy work to ensure that local community structures and leaders buy-in and support the project from the get go. We also have an extensive network of trained and experienced community facilitators that deliver the message to the people.

In addition, we develop communication campaigns that support this outreach, reinforcing and amplifying the messages being delivered in the community dialogues or engagements. From community radio right through to mobile media activations and media relations, we ensure that your brand is highly visible within the communities we are working in.

We do that by identifying appropriate media for the target market and then using those channels to talk to your audience in their own language. We produce all our materials, conduct all our outreach, and design all our media in all or any combination of the official South African languages.

We conduct advocacy and community mobilisation campaigns in all parts of the country, specialising in the grass roots LSMs 1-7 sector.

Our outreach and advocacy model has been particularly effective in the health and financial literacy sectors, helping us deliver important and useful information to the people that desperately need it.

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