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Category: Video
Client: Bonisanani
Posted by: Grounded Media

We have been producing Bonisanani, a popular children’s religion, values, culture and tradition television platform, now in its 11th season on SABC 1, since its inception in 2006. We say “platform” because while the series aims and objectives remain constant, the presentation of content is always varied and adjusts with each season.

The presentation of content has included the following forms over the years:

  • Mini dramas acted by non-professional children in which a value or choice is explored through a story. Small red carpet ceremony in studio afterwards with a chat with actors about the issue at hand
  • Presenters on location throughout South Africa exploring traditions and culture through religion in South Africa – this version covered Eastern, Western, Oriental and African beliefs
  • Key festivals and events and how they bring us together – a culture-shock kind of experience where people from different faiths attend rituals and festivities and learn about another tradition and religion
  • A studio game show in which teams battle it out to become Faith champions by demonstrating knowledge of religions of the world, using animated stories to illustrate particular life lessons.