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Eskom Public Safety Campaign

Category: Integrated Campaign
Client: Eskom
Posted by: Grounded Media

Eskom wanted to embark on an educational awareness campaign to inform South Africans about the dangers associated with unsafe use of electricity. Members of the public are killed and injured as a result of unsafe use of electricity. Mostly innocent children are the ones killed and injured due to unsafe and illegal connections inside and outside the home.

Grounded Media was commissioned to conduct PR and activations to highlight the dangers associated with unsafe use of electricity through awareness activations were driven via Industrial Theatre at schools and community venues. Ambush Theatre was also conducted at high-density commuter nodes such

During the project independent research was conducted in 24 hot spots nationally. Of the people interviewed, 94% remembered hearing about electricity safety messaging and 73% mentioned that Eskom was the organisation that had brought the electricity safety messaging. Eskom was perceived positively as a caring organisation bringing educational messages to communities.