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Walala Wasala

Category: Television
Client: Walala Wasala
Posted by: Grounded Media

Research done by the IEC into youth attitudes towards local government indicates that the youngsters have their own ideas of what they want and need and that lines and forms of communication need to be strengthened between youth groups and local government structures.

This youth democracy education series on SABC 2 aims to:

  • Introduce viewers to the mechanics of local government and investigate what local government does
  • Encourage youth to see their environment with new eyes – where do I live, what does it have? What does it lack? Who can help me change it for the better and how can I reach those people?
  • Explore ways that individuals can be involved in ensuring their local neighbourhood has what they need to thrive, live and grow by holding local government accountable, whether you voted for him/her or not
  • Encourage a climate of political tolerance and the right and need for people to disagree
  • Provides a platform on national television for youth to express their thoughts on a variety of topics pertaining to local government