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The Green Building Council of South Africa

Category: Campaign
Posted by: Grounded Media

The Green Building Council of South Africa together with Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) has launched the SMARTHOME campaign. The SMARTHOME campaign aims to increase demand for Edge certified green homes in the residential market and was conceptualised following extensive research into the green residential market in South Africa.

The research conducted concluded that South Africans are extremely cost conscious and due to financial pressures are looking for smart ways to save money. In addition the rental market, which makes up a considerable portion of the property market in the country is open to going green as it’s the smart way to save money.

The campaign targets emerging urban renters, emerging young homeowners, established homeowners and pioneering estate agents. The campaign seeks to educate and inform people about the benefits of changing their behavior and making small investments that will make their homes smarter, helping them to save money. Grounded Media was tasked with developing a fully integrated suite of marketing and communication tools that can be used by the client to market SMARTHOMES to the various target markets.

This included a fully responsive website that includes some exciting functionality that help move people through the behavior change process. This includes a savings calculator which calculates how efficient a home is and where savings can be made as well as a search engine which enables users to search for Edge certified green homes. As well as a forum where users can engage directly with SMARTHOME experts.

This is supported by a full social media strategy, digital advertising to help establish engaging conversations with fans online. In addition Grounded Media developed four compelling videos that highlight the benefits of SMARTHOMES and produced a ‘virtual tour’ that showcases what an Edge certified home looks like.

In addition Grounded Media developed content for emailers, blogs, brochures, fact sheets and the website. While creating punchy designs that capture the youthful essence of the campaign.